Marcy NS 716R Review | Recumbent Exercise Cycle

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4.2/5 on December 10, 2017

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  • No need to worry about height requirements. Length of the seat is adjustable to fit different users.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • The seat is large and comfortable.
  • Very easy to get on and off the bike.
  • The foam-covered handlebars provide you maximum comfort and stability.
  • The bike comes with a basic console that is very easy to operate.
  • High weight capacity. User weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • Easy to change resistance level provides an effective workout.
  • Supercharge your endurance and strengthen your leg muscles.


  • There is some assembly required. The tools are provided to put it together, and it's not difficult.
  • Not perfect for serious athletes.
  • Does not have any place to put your personal electronics.
  • The bike is not designed to monitor heart rate.
  • Handlebars are not adjustable.
  • The console does not include pre-programmed workouts.

Overview On Marcy NS 716R Stationary Bike

The Marcy NS 716R Recumbent Exercise Bike is designed with some most common features.

This bike is able to satisfy you to fulfill all your fitness goals.

You can get these features at the very affordable price.

Its 3.5 inches monitor can track accurately your time, speed, distance and also calories.

This LCD monitor runs with 2 AA batteries.

The seat designs as enough large and also with foam padded. It is adjustable for five different positions that are 31 inches to 36 inches.

The seat has a backrest and also two handlebars for comfortable exercise.

This exercise bike uses a magnetic type of resistance system.

Marcy NS 716R has 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance.


You can change the levels during exercise as per your skill.

This bike provides quiet and also smooth pedaling.

300 lbs user’s weight is suitable for this exercise bike.

The weight of the Marcy NS 716R machine only is 60 lbs.

It designs with a cup holder and also transportation wheels.

For Whom Marcy NS 716R Cycle Designed

  • This exercise bike allows 300 lbs user’s weight
  • It’s for short and also taller people
  • Adult people are suitable for this exercise bike
  • A male and the also female person is perfect for the Marcy NS 716R equipment

Why We Like  Marcy NS 716R Exercise Bike

Easy To Read Performance

This exercise bike has a user-friendly display.

You can read your regular performance and it displays accurate result also.

You can track your time, speed, distance and also calories.

When you start to exercise, the monitor will turn on and displays your progress.

When you stop exercise, the monitor will automatically turn off after 8 minutes so that it can save energy.

It uses two AA batteries.

If you remove the batteries, all values will reset to zero.

Large & Comfortable Seat

The Marcy NS 716R machine is designed with enough large padded seat.

It has approximate 16 inches wide and also 11 inches front to back allows comfort.

You can adjust the seat for 5 different positions ranges from 31 inches to 36 inches.

Supporting Nice Backrest

The seat has also two handlebars so that you feel comfortable when exercise.

Another facility is its front handlebars with a foam cover.

You will get extra support when you exercise due to its backrest.

Adjustable Resistance System

This Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike designs with the magnetic type of resistance.

It has eight levels of resistance control system.

So as per your skill,

You can adjust your workout for an easier to more challenging.

The height resistance levels 7 and also 8 are too hard.

Very Quiet Pedaling

It designs with belt and flywheel inside so that you can get a smooth pedaling.

Its pedaling is also so quiet that you don’t feel any disturb.

The pedals have safety straps which are adjustable.

The straps will help you to prevent slippage when you exercise.

High Weight Capacity

This Marcy NS 716R recumbent bike takes small spaces when you exercise.

Dimensions of this bike are 55.5 inches (L) x 25 inches (W) x 37.5 inches (H) inches.

The weight of this exercise bike is 60 lbs.

The frame of this Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is very strong.

So, it can handle 300 lbs user’s height. The color of this bike is black.

It looks so nice that you can please with this bike.

Cup Holder

It’s another great feature is a cup holder.

If you are thirsty, no need to get off on this bike.

This cup holder allows you to quench your thirst without stopping this exercise bike.

Transportation Wheels

You can’t fold this exercise bike but it has two transportation wheels.

So you can easily move this bike any location as per your need when finishing your exercise.

Marcy NS 716R Cycle FAQ

Q: Is this exercise bike quiet enough to allow you to hear the television across the room?
A: The bike is very quiet.

It does not interface with listening and do not have to increase volume.

Q: Will this bike damage the floor without a rubber mat under it?
A: This bike should not cause any damaged to flooring.

Q: Will a 5’7” person fit this exercise bike?
A: Length is adjustable, so you should have no problem reaching the pedals.

Q: Q. Can you pedal backward?
A: You can pedal backward but there is no resistance.

Q: Does it need a mat under it?
A: This bike can be used on any flat surface.

Q: What is the seat height from the floor?
A: The height of the seat measures approx. 17 inches.

Q: What batteries does it use?
A: It takes 2 AA batteries.

Q: What is the weight of this product?
A: Weight of this bike is 55 pounds.

Q: Is it easy for senior to use?
A: Yes. It is very easy to use and also comfortable for a senior.

Q: Is the seat comfortable for long sessions?
A: Yes. The seat is enough large and designed with a comfortable backrest.

So, it is very comfortable for long sessions.

Conclusion On Marcy NS 716R Cardio Workout

You can easily get on and off from this Marcy NS 716R cycle because it’s a recumbent type exercise bike.

It’s very easy to use due to its easy functionality. So the Marcy NS 716R stationary bike can satisfy you as well as your family members.

You can adjust the magnetic resistance levels as per your skill. With the LCD monitor, you can track your performances.

You can adjust this exercise bike as per your height.

The seat is large and also adjustable. A backrest and two handlebars are the extra facilities for you. Pedaling is quiet and also smooth.

Transportation wheels and a cup holder are the great features for you.

Finally, this Marcy NS 716R recumbent exercise bike has the ability to satisfy you.

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