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4.6/5 on October 15, 2017

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  • Improve health, energy level, and productivity
  • Easy to get safe and effective exercise without wasting valuable time
  • Specifically designed to use in the working environment
  • Through movement, students will be able to gain more focus
  • Double energy expenditure without working up a sweat
  • The 5-function display counts up to 1000 minutes
  • Accomplished by magnetic resistance and also a high-inertia flywheel
  • Work better at your desk than the other taller desk bikes
  • Comes with the Large pedals with adjustable safety straps
  • Great price and also great quality
  • Ages 5 to 100 can use the exerciser


  • Need some assembly
  • Requires a height adjustable desk for any height difference
  • Only 1-year Limited warranty
  • When the resistance setting is 3 or above needs a heavier chair to stay still
  • Difficult to stay still if you are on a swivel chair


The Deskcycle pedal exerciser is specially designed for workplace. Smooth and quiet pedaling motion. Possible to use like a recumbent exercise bike or a upright bike depends on sitting position. Very light weighted. Easy to monitor regular performance.

Overview of Deskcycle Reviews

The Deskcycle Reviews described its features, benefits, positive, negative and also FAQ.

There are a lot of benefits to exercise. Before buying an exercise bike know the benefits. 8 key benefits of exercise bikes.

You can use it like other recumbent bikes and upright bikes also.

Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Bike: Which is best for you?

The pedal exerciser is very attractive with white color. You can get it at an affordable price.

It has some great features which can increase your satisfaction level at high.

One of the great features of this exercise bike is you can use it in your working environment.

You can set this bike on your desk and you also can work easily.

Any aged and any heighten either male or female can use it. Its weight is just only 23 lbs so you can carry it easily anywhere.

It has enough large pedals and also adjustable straps. The pedals are very smooth, quiet and also comfortable for you.

This bike has a tiny LCD display with a stand which shows accurately distance, time, speed, scan and also calories.

It has 8 levels calibrate resistance which you can adjust from level 0 to 8.

The construction of this pedal exerciser is very solid and strong.

The Deskcycle Reviews will help you to get a clear idea about the pedal exerciser.
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Who is Perfect for the Deskcycle

  • Any aged even 5 to 100 can use the pedal exerciser
  • It is also perfect for any heighten of people

Great Features of the Deskcycle

Perfect for Workplace

It’s difficult to get time for regular exercise due to busy schedules.

As a result,
this bike is special designs to use in your working environment.

So, this bike can save your important time to exercise.

You can exercise while working at your desk or at any other time when you are sitting and the legs are free.

Its weight is only 23 lbs and it is also very smooth and quiet.


you can use it at your office, school or any other places without disturbing others.

Smooth Pedal Motion

Peddles of this bike is very smooth, quiet with straps.
The smooth motion is healthy for your joints and your concentration will not break.

The height of the Pedal is only 10 inches and arm length is 3 1/2 inches. The pedals of this bike are 5 inches lower than MagneTrainer.

So, it’s perfect under the desk. The desk and chair size depend on your height.

It allows bidirectional pedaling so, you can peddle forward as well as backward.

Energy Expense without Sweat

If you use the pedal on the lowest resistance level at one rotation per second you feel that not exercising.

Yet energy expenditure will increase by more than 50% against sitting at the desk and 20% more than standing.

Increases of your energy expenditure in percentage for various exercise bikes – Exercise ball 6%, Standing desk 30%, Deskcycle level 1 50%, Deskcycle level 2 75%, Deskcycle level 3 100%, Treadmill Desk 1.1 mph 100%.

When you will use this bike at your desk the resistance level should maximum at 3.

The monitor of Deskcycle

This exercise bike has a small LCD display which size is almost the palm of your hand.

It displays 5 functions: speed, time, distance, scan, and calories. It shows a very accurate result and also possible to reset.

This bike has also a display stand.

The LCD display stays on the bike and there is a long extension cord.

So you can remove the display from the bike and possible to sit on your desk or other places.

Wide Resistance Range

This bike has 8 calibrate magnetic resistance levels so that it allows smooth and quiet operation.

There is a knob at the front of the exercise bike. Just turn it left or right to increase or decrease the tension level.

Resistance level 1 is almost zero resistance and level 8 is the maximum level which takes a lot of efforts.

When you work at the desk need to set maximum resistance level 3 to increase energy and serve oxygen to the brain.
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Customer Reviews and Scores

At this time there are 1,896 Deskcycle reviews by the real customers and they rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars. 81% customer gave it 5 stars, 11% gave 4 starts, 4% gave 3 stars and 2% gave 2 starts and 2% are 1 star.

Most of the Deskcycle reviews are positive and the real customers recommended it for others.

So, we can easily say its performance is outstanding.
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Question & Answer On Deskcycle Reviews

Q: Is this item refurbished?
A: No. Everything I sell is brand new, factory sealed in a retail box.

Q: Are you able to focus or study for exams while exercising?
A: The DeskCycle increases oxygen to the brain and helps calm mind, which leads you to better focus.

When you study, pedal slowly (less than 15 mph) and use a low resistance 1-2.

Q: What is the maximum rate of calories per hour burnt?
A: It depends on how fast you pedal and the level of resistance setting.

Q: Is it really quiet enough to work in a cubicle environment?
A: Yes. It is designed to be used in a quiet environment.

If you receive one that isn’t, then there is probably something wrong with it and the seller will replace it free of charge.

Q: Do I need to wear shoes to use it? Will the exerciser be uncomfortable to use barefoot?
A: You do not need to wear shoes. But I would recommend socks.

The stirrups are very comfortable.

Q: Will it be delivered to my home completely assembled?
A: No. It does not come fully assembled. But it is very easy to assemble.

Q: What is the weight of this product?
A: Weight is 23 pounds only. so it’s very easy to carry.

This is a very good piece of equipment and well worth the money.

Q: What batteries does it use?
Answer: Batteries are only for the display. 2 AA batteries required.

Q: 1-year Warranty Available?
A: It comes with a full 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.

You do not need to register for it. All bikes are automatically covered.

Final Speech on Deskcycle Reviews

This bike is tiny and especially designs to use in your working environment. You can exercise while you work without any hamper.

It is both recumbent and upright type bike depending on your seating position. See the best upright exercise bike and the best recumbent exercise bike.

The pedal exerciser bike is very easy to assemble, easy to move (only 23 pounds), easy to use, performance monitoring screen, and is highly rated by the real customers.

Finally, the real buyers are very happy with this desk exercise bike and they rated it high as well as recommend to others.
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